Private Sessions

The gateway to an authentic, beautiful and powerful experience of ourselves comes from the understanding of our internal alignment. If you feel imbalanced, you are to learn how to embody an energetic form of expression that creates a deeper connection with yourself and everything around you.

I offer mentoring to those who want to look within themselves through a consciousness lens, build relationship with their body, creative practice, and an awareness of how to gracefully navigate their inner and outer world.

Mentoring comes with all of my experience available to you, provides a safe space, is confidential and focuses on your transformation.

Viki has been an advocate of self-love for me and my sister.

Alya, Dancer (UK)

The sessions consist of what is most useful to you specifically, and every one of them caters to your energy in the now moment. They can include guided meditations, breath work, therapeutic movement, creative movement, innate expression, reflection and anything else that I am able to provide: personal advice, consulting on work as an artist, pathway to authenticity and spiritual practices.

Meetings take place on ZOOM, for 60-90min weekly and last from 3 or 6 months. Introductory one-off sessions are available, to make sure we are compatible and enjoy working together. To enquire about prices and schedule a tea-date with me to chat about the mentorship, email me at:

Enjoy the testimonial’s of a group of international students:

Rebecca, Dancer (Alaska)
Molly, Dancer (Sweden)
Marine, Dancer (Spain)
Lana, Dancer (Slovenia)