About Me

Thank you for visiting my virtual home space. Here you can find out more about myself, the work I do, and how we can connect. Feel free to get in touch with me about a booking, collaboration, or any other inquiry.

” All in existence is moving. Embody the art of your existence by dancing with all that is, in expanded awareness. “

Viki Čerček

Based in London, UK

I create illumination through the art of movement and transpersonal experiences.

Labels: Dance Artist, Choreographer, Creative Director, Teacher.

The journey of my dance career began in 1997 when I began training in a hip-hop formation at my hometown school in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After a decade of participating in festivals and championships, I stepped into the role of a choreographer and instructor, which ignited my passion as a movement creative. I began working internationally in 2008 and continuously traveled to the USA and UK for advanced training. Since then, taught, choreographed, and judged events in over 30 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and USA.

In 2015 I was selected for an exchange program where I got introduced to the multidisciplinary approach in the arts. I rediscovered my craft in a new light and it led me to choreograph and perform original work at Sadler’s Wells (Liliyan Baylis), The Place, RichMix, and Redbridge Drama Centre. Internationally I created pieces for the National Art Festival ITALICA in Spain, The Freaky Art Show in France, and Choreographer’s Ball: Dancecite in Belgium. 

In 2017 I began privately mentoring selected individuals, willing to more deeply experience themselves and their craft with the help of my personal and professional experiences. I offer this service on an interview basis.

In 2020 I founded New Comoonity; an online and in-person space dedicated to exploring our individual and collective experiences through intuitive creative expression. It welcomes all who are interested in self-discovery through breath, movement, sound, writing, or drawing and sharing their process with others.

In 2021 I attained a Breathwork and Pranayama Teacher qualification (certified by Yoga Alliance). This practice is implemented within the majority of my work and I am in training to also offer it on its own.

Ways you can work with me:

Dance Theatre

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Creative Consultations

Breathwork & Movement

1-on-1 Mentoring