Viki grew up in Ljubljana, Slovenia, beginning her dance training at the age of 7. She started teaching in 2007 and has since, choreographed, taught and judged in over 30 countries in Europe, Asia, and America. In 2012, Viki moved to London to pursue a creative career and worked with widely-known companies; WOD, HHI, IDO, UDO, iDance, as well as many other leading dance events, studios, and festivals.

In 2015 she began creating dance theatre and performed a variety of choreographic work at RichMix, Redbridge Drama Centre, The Place and in Sadlers Wells (Lilian Baylis) Theatre in London. She also showed at the National Art Festival ITALICA in Spain, The Freaky Art Show in France, and Dancecite in Belgium. 

Viki’s creative path expanded further after shifting her focus to working with breath and improvisation. She dived deeper into the world of energetic expression and discovered the healing properties of dance. Connecting her passions resulted in a new approach: teaching and creating through the unification of both, performance art and healing practices.

She decided to make a commitment: to dedicate her life to transforming people through the art of movement and illuminating others beyond words.