46370Viki has choreographed, taught and judged in over 30 countries in Europe, Asia, and America. Since becoming a dance professional in 2007, she has been working internationally with established companies like World of Dance, Hip Hop International, International Dance Organisation, United Dance Organisation, iDance and with numerous other dance federations, popular events, studios, and festivals.

Her choreographic work has been performed at Art Festival ITALICA in Spain, The Freaky Art show in France, and Dancecite in Belgium. In London, Viki has shown work via 1000 Pieces Puzzle Showcase at RichMix, Artists 4 Artists at Redbridge Drama Centre, at LIVEVIBE and Resolution Festival at The Place and for Breakin Convention’s Open Art Surgery in Sadlers Wells (Lilian Baylis) Theatre.

Through the perspective of a worldly and young female creative, Viki draws inspiration from a range of artistic expression. Her practice is affected by merging of dance forms, rhythm, and aesthetics coming from music, spoken word, film, photography, martial and material arts. Coming from mostly training in street dance styles and adopting a contemporary influence, she has stylized an authentic movement language that unites her viewpoint on modern dance expression.

Viki educates aspiring and mid-career artists on the importance of joining their personal and creative growth into a united practice and continues to create a diverse repertoire of movement art; dance theatre, dance film, live music performances, and other cross-platform projects.