” LEADS: Nature VS Culture “

Resolutions, The Place Theatre
Open Art Surgery, Sadlers Wells (Lilian Baylis)
London, United Kingdom

Choreography: Viki Čerček
Music: William Legares
Dancers: Elsabet Yonas, Sasha Shadid, Viki Čerček

The inspiration for making LEADS “Nature VS Culture” came from personal experience of the imbalanced internal and external environment, looking at the friction within the influences of human experience and what is innate. It consists of refined original instrumental music and a blend of theatre-influenced hip-hop and contemporary choreography that allows an emotionally charged performance. The work originally features a live EWI performer William Legares, and three distinct characters who move within the same realm. LEADS has been performed at Resolution Festival at The Place Theatre, and after a part of it was developed for Open Art Surgery, Breakin Conention at Sadlers Wells.

Open Art Surgery @ Sadlers Wells (Lilian Baylis)



LIVEVIBE, The Place Theatre
London, United Kingdom

Choreography: Viki Čerček
Music: William Legares

Work commissioned by LIVEVIBE, a performance platform created by Hakeem Onibudo. The night was themed “Two’s A Company” and although Viki originally planned to perform a duet she took the stage as a soloist due to last-minute changes. The piece showcases one’s double-sided relationship with themselves and how facing a supposedly blank page can have a variety of emotional outcomes. Through a variety of musical changes, the dancer navigates herself through five different reactions and looks at the audience as a mirror. They are a focal point that allows the dancer to merge those opposing inner forces into a single stream of released personal energy.



International Dance Festival Italica
Santiponce, Spain

Choreography: Viki Čerček
Producer: Gsus Villau
Music: Various Artists
Performers: Aja Franca, Jasmin Saulo, Elsabet Yonas, Amy Tomlison, Maria Cocol, Sandra Lillo, Carol Bastida, Natalia Tonel, Aitor Nite, Viki Čerček

This work was commissioned to be programmed by the Spanish government and performed in the beautiful setting of the Roman Theatre of Italica Archaeological, the seat of International Dance Festival Italica which started in 1993. Working closely with Gsus Villau, director of On Dance Studios in Sevilla, Viki brought together Spanish and British dancers to create a 20 min dance work in less than 4 days. Through tribal aesthetics, this Untitled work weaves aspects of the masculine and feminine principles into individual stories told through movement. Scenes project the sense of inner chaos, need for collectivity, separation, and coming to the union through meetings of polarity.