We cannot live without movement.

The primal self-expression we experience through our posture, gestures, and in all physical activities is (for many of us) also as an artistic practice.  The gateway to an authentic, beautiful and powerful projection of ourselves into the world comes from understanding and application of internal alignment. Through small changes that benefit our mental, emotional and physical health, our movement can become much more than steps and shapes; a foundation of being and an energetic form of expression that creates a deeper connection with ourselves and everything around us.


 ” I became a better version of me “
~ Marine, Dance Artist (Spain)


Viki helps passionate people who desire to build a foundation for their individual creative life through the practice of awareness and movement. She holds over a decade of international experience as a choreographer, teacher, team leader and an expert in the field of dance. Alongside the practicality of her professional life, Viki’s strong interest to connect with the craft of dance authentically lead her to personal research, self-application and case studies. She uses a wide spectrum of experience to relate and diversely contributes towards the personal and creative expansion of others.

What can you expect from working with Viki?

  • A deeper relationship with yourself and your craft
  • Development of a personal creative practice
  • Confidential support, accountability, and incentive


 ” We worked on understanding my inner self and it gave me another perspective of dance, of life, of everything. The quality of my life is better. “
  ~ Lana, Dance Artist (Slovenia)


Hear Lana’s story and how working with Viki has helped her on her journey!


” Viki has been an advocate of self-love for me and my sister “
~ Alya, Student (UK)


Viki mentors female creatives aged 18 – 30, based in any location and coming from an artistic practice that involves movement. With openness to male participants and other age-groups, please inquire about the possibility of position.

Each session lasts 60 minutes and takes place weekly in a one-to-one video conversation and in physical presence when possible. Two sessions are recommended for those who are able to dedicate more than 15 hours per week to their process. Mentees are requested to fill out a questionnaire, upon which a phone call is scheduled to speak with Viki in person. After a successful agreement, the guided journey begins and lasts for a minimum of 2 months, for an agreed period or without expiration. Mentees are guaranteed direct access for further questions and advice throughout their application.

Contact us to get more information on working with Viki and to receive an application questionnaire today.


”  It has given me the freedom to come alive not only on stage but also in photo shoots and in my daily life  “
~  Elle Exxe, Music Artist (UK)